Illustrator's Note

I have always been an artist. Self taught in both silk and fresh flowers I opened my own floral shop. As designer and owner of 'Awesome Blossoms'   in Tampa, FL. I then went on to paint large expressionistic oil paintings, holding a few local art shows, and selling over 42 painting to many people ranging from doctors, psychiatrists, and dentist, to private collectors. Being a marijuana activist my whole life, I decided to raise my only daughter in an open, honest environment. I taught her from the beginning that marijuana is my medicine and that I use it as a natural alternative to prescription medications. I raised her around my cannabis family, and she was able to observe and develop her own opinions. Together we decided to create a series of books to educate children and society on the beneficial uses of Cannabis and Hemp. We want to help the suffering children and start a movement for those who want to use this natural alternative to help with their ailments. I believe disorders and diseases - including Cancer- do not discriminate by age, so why should we? Why are we going to leave children to suffer because they are not 18 years old? I believe that is inhumane. And that is why we have decided to stand up for our children and our rights as human beings, so that we can have a better future, and we can decide to use a safe medicinal plant over harmful prescription drugs, if we choose to.

~ Geneva Carman Page: If A Peacock Finds A Pot Leaf ==================================================================================================================== Page: If A Peacock Finds A Pot Leaf ==================================================================================================================== Page: If A Peacock Finds A Pot Leaf ====================================================================================================================